Guesthouse Crete b&b

Guesthouse Crete b&b

Guesthouse Crete b&b

    Come to the South and explore the real Crete......

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Luxurious Guesthouse



Guesthouse the old kafenion b&b south crete Guesthouse the old kafenion b&b south crete
Guesthouse the old kafenion b&b south crete Guesthouse the old kafenion b&b south crete





If you prefer the delight of an excellent breakfast in the garden and the possibility to have a refreshing dip
in our swimming pool after a day out, then our Guesthouse in Lagolio is the perfect solution for you.
Recently "The Old Kafenion" (Coffee House), a building more than 100 years old,
was completely restored and now offers 3 comfortable double rooms,
a pleasant walled garden with a covered dining area and a swimming pool.
Lagolio is a little village which has remained untouched by tourism. 
It is still a quiet typically Cretan village and the environment is worthy of exploration.
From the garden and the roof terrace you have magnificent views of the Lybian Sea,
the mountains of Psiloritis together with the Kamares Cave and several mountain villages.
If you like the luxury of being served together with the quietness and if you are open
to the friendliness of the villagers and their knowledge,
then we can offer you the holiday you have always dreamed of, here in Lagolio.





In the heart of Southern Crete, the Messara, the authentic Crete is still remaining with the hospitality
of its inhabitants, its cosy little village squares, its tavernas where they serve you
delicious local food and its white sandy beaches.  

In a word, in Southern Crete you can still enjoy the 'real Crete' in all its aspects.




Els De Witte  -  Geert Despiegelaere    Lagolio Village 70200 Timbaki - Crete


Tel:  +32 498 85 83 04   +32 498 85 83 03